Translate Anything You Need With Tranit Application !!

Sometimes we being a part of a community, we people almost speak our native language just because of the unknown correct translation of English language. Most of the people do find difficulty in translating their native language to English where the language stands more important in our daily life. For example, we can say that English language is mostly used for interviews and while chatting with foreign peoples. It’s because English language is treated as the International language all over the world. Another possibility of the language difficulty is knowing the language when we travel across the world where we cannot recognize the language of this strange place we are at. There might be sign boards written in their native language but we could not understand it because of the language problem. Here we are introducing a new android application which helps you out from the problem of language translation.

We have seen so many applications that are available in the android market and we have also downloaded and installed it in our smartphone itself. But the fact is that there are several fake apps that only show up with some ads but not with the right feature we are looking for. Tranit-Translate All, Text & Voice Translator is the new android application that is developed by transit team. which has already been rated with 3+ by going through the analytical reports of the android application Tranit-Translate all text and voice translator. We can say that there are almost more than 10 lakh users who have downloaded and installed the application from the Android market in into their smartphone. The new updated android application is built with 13 MB size which can be used with ease And hassle-free.

There are lots of features implemented in the application. But to access all the premium features we need to purchase in-app products that is available in the application itself. Describing the new android application Tranit is a powerful translation application that supports Hindi translation and hundred plus other local language translation. To know the app more perfectly you must download the application and use it at once. But for using the app you don’t need to pay for one hour translation in this all-in-one online translate application. This translation app is an essential translator for everyone who travels across the world and can be used for business purposes. And can also be even used for learning with rich translation features including screen translation, voice translation, file translation and webpage translation.

What makes the application highlighted among all other similar applications available in the android market is that this new application is supported with all languages across in India. Actually Tranit is expert in India’s local language translation. Which enables you to translate from Hindi to English and vice versa, English to Malayalam and vice versa and every other languages that are being used in India. In other hand the application is also supported with other Global languages like Japanese Turkish and Korean Etc. Another feature of the new application is voice translation where we need to speak in our own language and the application translates our voice to the text instantly. To get the output of the translation you wish, at first we have to set the language.

Before translation we need to read the text content that should be translated into the respective language. The other feature of the new android application is that the app is implemented with screen translation too. It’s also known as floating ball translation. You can enable it in the application. And after enabling this feature you can drag the translation floating ball onto any text. You want to translate on any apps or web page. And the translated text will be displayed in instantly. Through this procedure you can translate any part of the text you want to translate. And to translate all the text in the screen you have to double click on the floating board to activate the feature and the screen will be translated automatically.

You can also have the feature used by camera with smart OCR feature. Why turning on the camera of your smartphone you can translate any text directly without any text input. And the main amazing part of this feature is that you can translate any text in all formats of files or images that could be detected and translated within seconds. The next feature is almost seen in old similar applications that translate languages which is the text translator or chat translator. While using social media apps to connect our friends or relatives across the world we chat with them. And while you are chatting with your friends or relatives using any social app Tranit enables you to quickly translate the text of the speech they send to us and we can give them the right reply instantly without any hesitation.

This feature makes our communication with foreign language friends, very smoothly. Another amazing feature of this application is that the app translates all formats of files like Doc, PDF, txt. Word file, XLS RTF Etc.. You can also add your translation resource to your favorites and review them anytime even if you close the application at once. Which means once you translate the translation text will not be lost even if you close the application. And this app smartly detects your source language. And automatically translate the text and words into the language you need. You can download the application directly from the Android market.

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