Timex Launches Amazing New Helix Smart Watch !!

The Timex Helix Smart Watch is the first smart watch released by Timex. It is marketed under the name Helix. This smart watch has activity tracking system. It also has an alarm system. Sleeping tracking system is also a feature of this smart watch. This smart watch provides good battery back up. The oximeter system is one of them. Color touch display is another great feature of this watch. This smart watch also offers water resistance system. It is priced at Rs 3995. A charging cable is provided for charging. Its charging comes in a magnetic way.

Helix company name is written on the bottom of the watch. The disadvantage of this smart watch is that the display area is small. This Smart Watch is provided with a single button. Quality straps are provided by Helix. It is also worth noting that the Helix app can only be connected to the phone and used if it is downloaded through the Play Store or the App Store. The Helix app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This Smart Watch can be connected to our phone through this application.

Full touch display is another advantage of this smart watch. Its settings are via Long press. This smartphone also comes with settings to change the Watch Face. The watch has 3 Watch Face. But there are many Watch Faces available from the app. This smart watch has blood pressure system. It is also equipped with a watch to know how many kilometers you have walked. If you are sleeping with this watch tied to your hand, you can know how many hours you have slept. In it you can know how much deep sleep and how much light sleep.

This watch also has systems to know the oxygen level in the blood. This smart watch also has the facility to track sports activities. The watch also has a social media notification system. But this smart watch does not have the facility to reply. Camera system is also provided in it. This smartphone gives us five days of battery life. It is available in 3 colors in the market. In addition to all this, this smart watch also has a one year warranty. Timex has its drawbacks as it is the first watch to be launched, but this smart watch has tried to give a great performance.


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