Sandes – New Messaging Application

Central government has launched a new message Application called Sandesh which is developed for chatting through smartphones and for other text application purposes. This application can be downloaded and installed on both iPhone and Android versions. Sandes is an amazing android application that provides an open-source paste indigenous, messaging platform developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. This venture is based under the Government of India to facilitate very speedy message in communication for the government organizations and institutions. This app is very simply designed and it is very easy to access and use by common People as well.

One of thr interesting fact is that this amazing android application is hosted by the government for the government institutions and infrastructure which is designed with end-to-end encrypted messaging system along with an encrypted backup and encrypted or TV Service is available in this application. This is a free of cost application for sending encrypted messages through government communication systems. It is an integrated application with other government, communication systems too. In the current situation, this app is available only to the government verified of users verified users. Even employees of government organization, need to contact the nodal officer of their Ministry or department for verification to use this application in such a way. For any information about noddle officers, you can write to us at support Sandes.

This application known as Sandes has a myriad of options like chatting through audio call and video callas well. Good application features and interface is available through this excellent app for those who use chatting, audio calling and video calling. They can download and install this application in their Smartphone in no time. The main advantage is that this application is very handy to use for any common people without any technology skill or expert knowledge. At present, this is not downloaded or installed by many people. Therefore, we are unable to chat with everyone at this beginning stage, but once you installed this application, you can communicate with anybody having this application. Dont hesitate please. You just install and use this application and also share this application through your phones.

This application is getting very good feedback from its users. Many features are likely to available in this application. In short, this application is very useful and needy at this scenario so that we can use without any cost. And instant messaging technology is available through this free cost government application. The main feature presented by this application is the highly security features it provide for its users from government infrastructure and organizations. The verification process is very friendly and mess free for its users. A wonderful application like this will be one of the best and excellent messaging application made by India.

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