July 23, 2021

Samsung Launches A 7000 MAH Battery Smartphone !!

Samsung Galaxy F62 is a new series Samsung smartphone which comes with lots of amazing features for its users. This phone is equipped with a 25 W charger. It is equipped with a 7000 MAH battery. One thing to note is the good design of this phone. This phone has a great design. This is a rich looking design that gives brilliance to the eyes at first sight. It includes 4 cameras and LED light. Although it looks like glass, the back of this phone is covered with plastic. This phone has an eye catching design. The power button is closely linked to the fingerprint system. A sim tray can be seen in it. Its sim system is Triple card slot. It also has a memory card slot. The feature of this phone is laser gradient. It weighs 218 grams. This phone is 9.8mm.

This is a 6.7 inch phone. Another feature is the HD plus display. The display quality is also excellent. The display quality of any Samsung phone is outstanding. Its brightness power is 420. Gorilla Glass is used as the display. It runs on Android 3 operating system. It comes with some pre-installed games as an application. That is a disadvantage of this. This phone also has Face unlock facility. The phone is pretty fast. This phone is also equipped with NFC system. NFC is a system for transferring any large file. It also has Wi-Fi calling. It uses a mono speaker. It has excellent sound quality.

Not to mention Samsung’s video call system. Samsung guarantees the best video quality from the lowest priced phone. It is also provided in this phone. It uses Exynos processor. It helps this phone to give a better performance. The phone is available in both 16GB and 8GB variants. The primary camera is 64 megapixels. The secondary camera is 12 megapixels. The third camera is 5 megapixel. The fourth camera is 5 megapixel. This phone also has a selfie camera system. Wild display is used for selfie camera. It also has a smart selfie system. This phone has a system that automatically widens the camera. It also has a 7000 MAH battery and a 25 W fast charger. The approximate market price will start at Rs 25,000.

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