School Textbooks “Class 1 to +2” can be downloaded on mobile

Education, the process of acquisition of knowledge, skills, habits, and personal development. Education is very important for every one. Proud to say, Kerala is the most literate state of our great country with 94% literacy rate. Kerala state to cover education costs, which is the reason for kerala with high literacy rate . Though the government who has taken service for providing the basic need for education absolutely gains a handful of applause. However, why we discuss education and its rights here is the relevance of informing you of a piece of good news.

Kerala literacy rate has contributed to the huge development of all other areas. The government has assumed all responsibilities for Kerala’s students to continue their education. As a part of this step, the government of Kerala has had an astonishing impact on students in Kerala.As a part of this, government has created a website, through which the students will get study material. Samagra is a website that provides all features related to the educational system for educational purposes and official education announcements.

Samagra is an online source, from where students get help for their studies that is the website is regarding educational system in Kerala. As we all know, children learn faster than adults when they get rid of other things. In general, children discover all services on a smartphone rather than an adult. Describing online features for the Samagra website, the Kerala government has appointed KITE, to manage the website. When you open the website will direct a web page that displays all the latest resources uploaded to the site.

For the last two years due to the pandemic situation, classes are going online and respective video classes are shared to the students. Through the online education , the system assures that every student gets the study material without any delay as they can educate along with the classes. Here the new update provided by the educational system of Kerala, is that the textbooks needed for classes 1 to 12 have been uploaded to the website as every student can download their respective class textbooks through this website. Truly remarkable isn’t it? To download a textbook that is available in a pdf file, you need to add the medium of class that is English or Malayalam which is based on the medium of the student is studying.



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