Name Ringtone Maker Android App !!

Listening to your favorite music can heal you from ay other stress feeling as it can be used even as a medication. Though we are smartphone users, we do also hear music with any music player and get feel calm. And the main fact is that majority of smartphone users make their favorite music as ringtone also. Mostly there might be a part of any music that attracts more than any part of it and we wish to have that part to be set as our ringtone. What we do then is that we download any mp3 editor application from the android market and edit the music through the app. After converting the application, the ringtone we made by ourselves will be named as the app we have downloaded and used to edit it.

Even if we share the ringtone we have made the file will be shared in the name of the app in which the music was edited. However this part of ringtone making is now solved by using a new android application that enables you all the features of ringtone maker you wish to. Name Ringtone Maker is the new android application that is developed by Ennexa technologies who have implemented all the features of a similar ringtone maker application. The application can be downloaded from the android market so simply as it only sizes 1.4 MB to install on your smartphone.

Going through the analytical records of the application, we can say that the application is downloaded by more than 50000 users who have installed the app in their smartphone for making their own ringtones. The new android application Name Ringtone Maker helps you to make ringtones with your name and with amazing background music. What makes this app incredible is that this app will create your personalized ringtone online in just 3 easy steps and you can download your ringtone which is absolutely free.

How to create a new ringtone with this ringtone maker is as follows. After downloading and installing the application, open the ringtone maker and click “Create Your Name Ringtone” button. The next is to enter your name or the name wish for to display in the ringtone you are gonna create. You can add it in the first display box shown in the app. You can choose a text message from the dropdown box or you can add your custom message which will be played along with your name. You can also select a background music from the list provided in the application and click the make ringtone button and you are done.


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