October 16, 2021

Nokia 3.5 Smartphone Arrives With New Amazing Features !!

Nokia’s new super android phone Nokia 3.5 is trending out in the market where similar smartphones are available. What makes this smartphone better is that this Nokia phone is getting a two year Android update. The phone is completely an Android. Tight C cable is provided for charging. The charger is 5 W and comes with a backset for the headset and charger. This can be seen when you open an option for Google Assistant. The back side is seen in purple. This phone has a nice rich look. The camera is arranged in a circle. It is equipped with three cameras. The phone also has a fingerprint system.

It is mounted on the back of the phone. It also has a front camera. Its thickness is 8.7. This phone weighs 180 grams. This phone is light weight. It has a 6.9 inch display. It is equipped with an HD display. The LCD display is also a feature of this. Its brightness is 400 heads. It runs on Android 10. The phone also has a security update for three years. The fingerprint system is given on the back. The phone is also equipped with Face Unlock system. The phone is medium fast. The phone is unlock medium fast. F.M radio setting is set on the phone. The phone is 4G enabled. Two SIMs can be used. It has a mono speaker.

It is a phone with good video quality. In terms of performance, it uses the Falcon processor. Its storage is 64 GB. It comes with 4 GB Ram. The camera is 13 megapixels. Is given as the prime sensor. 5 megapixel is the secondary camera. Ultra wide camera and 2 megapixel is the third camera also works as. Selfie Camera The selfie camera is 8 megapixel. The camera on this phone captures medium quality images. It also has a 4000 MH battery. Its charger is 5W. Therefore, it can only be charged if it takes some time. It is available in three colors. It is priced at Rs 11,999 in the market

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