It is common nowadays that smartphone usage use their native language for chatting through social media applications. And as being an Indian user, there are many languages existing in our country which are used to by many people all around the country. From the aspect of a Keralite, we people do also speak Malayalam language through our social media applications. What we are going to introduce you here is a new android application that enables you to chat with your own native language using a simple keyboard through every social media applications that provides chatting facility. There are many incidents occurred in our chatting where there are people who come from foreign countries and we find difficulty too in chatting with them.

To overcome this issue the new updated android application is further enough. Since there are many applications found in the Android market which provide similar facilities, but it might be filled with ads. Mostly these fake apps do irritate every smartphone users who want to use the facility of a translate keyboard without any delays. Manglish Malayalam keyboard is the new android application which we are going to introduce you now. The application which is commonly known as manglish is developed by cluster Dev who has built the application in 27 MB size. The application requires 4.4 Android version and above and is rated with 3+ above. One of the most interesting fact is that the application has covered more than 10 million downloads where users have installed this application in the smartphone.

The new manglish Malayalam keyboard has made its own way. You can type Malayalam on Android smartphones so simply with accurate phonetic transliteration and Malayalam voice-to-text typing.. The app is even enabled with word predictions that is recorded by our daily chat history. First of all, before describing this amazing application, you have to download the application from the android market directly and installed it in your smartphone. After installation like any keyboard that you download from the Android market, Android shows a standard warning and this Manglish keyboard doesn’t collect or store any confidential or personal data of yours. Actually, this fact is more amazing that any other similar application that are available in the Android market now.

How this application becomes hassle-free is that you can type or speak to your phone using The Malayalam feature Voice to Text typing feature, which can be also called as manglish voice. From a normal social media application that has chatting facility, to use sticker comments in our chat we have to download an another application that supports sticker comments and provides to our social media apps, but here it comes more unique that manglish has the best Malayalam movie sticker comments that can be used to your chat according to the situation you are up to. And also you can use this amazing fun stickers movies stickers to your any conversations Inside any messaging applications.

While describing this android application, let’s make a brief understanding about the layout of the keyboard at is provided by the manglish Malayalam keyboard app. The layout of the keyboard comes with an English qwerty keyboard where we have to type Malayalam in manglish language. It’s not a new thing about to describe the Manglish language as the language is the mixed version of Malayalam and English languages. You can type with manglish so fast as you don’t need any other Malayalam input tools provided by any third party applications. Like how it means is that the application works inside all the other smartphone applications. Which needs no more copy paste of your text you have to translate.

Simply you can start typing in English and choose Malayalam words for what you are typing in the in your smartphone even without internet. What makes the Android application more highlighted than any other similar applications available in the Android market is that this is the only app that supports Malayalam dialogue stickers in WhatsApp and Facebook and all other chatting applications and you can chat with your friends or relatives or any other people in your own native language using Malayalam language. Let’s have a look onto this application describing how to use it wisely. Download the Android app from the Android market and install it in your smartphone. After installation open the manglish keyboard.

From your apps, like any other keyboard application you have to enable this manglish keyboard in your settings. It’s all done after you have enabled the keyboard in your settings in this android application. You can even customize settings and also choose any amazing themes provided in the English keyboard application. The application is ready to use in any social media app. You can start typing Malayalam in any social media applications and can also use Movie sticker comments in your conversation or any dialogue stickers that is enabled in the application. There are many features enabled in this android application which provides the best user experience. From any other similar applications, one of the best feature that is implemented in this android app is that we can switch between Malayalam and English language simply by clicking On a Malayalam letter button that is provided in the user interface itself.

You can even add Smiley’s or emojis in your chats from the keyboard that is available in the application. You just simply hold what the 123 key or press the key and select the Emoji or Smiley icon to get the list of old Smileys that are provided in the application. If the app is connected to internet you can search any sticker or Emoji or GIF icon in the suggestion bar that is provided in the stickers icon. There is an another feature in this application which also stands unique from other similar applications and that is Malayalam voice to text feature. This feature enables any user to type the desired language by speaking into your phone using manglish voice keyboard. From the part of settings in this android app you can choose vibrate option to add a small vibration if needed when pressing each key in the keyboard.

If you want to add space after any characters or words you can add space automatically by enabling a feature in the settings. If you want to select Malayalam prediction option by using space you can enable press space to select word option in the settings itself. While typing Malayalam language in the Manglish keyboard, if there occurs any mistake you just need to press backspace and the word will be converted back into English to edit easier easily. And by turning it off will let you to edit the Malayalam word directly. Through pressing backspace while chatting or typing in the manglish keyboard, you can get the right prediction words that exactly matches for what you type. But only using with an active internet connection and you can also use offline predictions also.

There is a feature too to change the theme of the keyboard you are using in the social media apps. As the application is meant to support the users widely, the developer has made a small in-app purchase to remove all ads that runs in the app for commercial purposes. After purchasing the premium version of manglish keyboard application. All the ads will be removed from the app and will be provided with many more premium features forever. According to the description of the developer of the android application. The app doesn’t collect any personal information or credit card details of any user who purchases the app for premium purposes and they assure that your privacy will be safe and secure.


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