Is WhatsApp Going To Be Inactive And Deleted Forever ?

Those who do not use WhatsApp will be much less. It is a little more true to say that there is no one. WhatsApp is also a social media application that most people spend time on. WhatsApp is a system that is easy for anyone to understand and understand. That’s why people love WhatsApp so much. Even business deals are now through WhatsApp. People can not even think of life without WhatsApp now. WhatsApp was recently integrated into Facebook. WhatsApp has arrived as a new feature.

WhatsApp now has a feature called Payment. Google pay, phone pay and paytym are commonly used to transfer money over the phone. So we may be wondering why this option in WhatsApp. This is a cash transfer option. How to transfer money using this, open the chat of the person who intends to give cash. Take the pay option from it. Then allow. WhatsApp can be connected via UPI or mobile number. But this transfer will be successful only if the cashier also registers in it.


There is a rumor that the WhatsApp account will be deleted. Or after a few days, there will be a rumor that our WhatsApp will not receive any message. After a few days, there are rumors that the account itself will be deleted. Recently, WhatsApp came as a privacy policy. Some had received notification of it as part of it. This privacy policy states that the entire data of a WhatsApp user will be shared with Facebook.

This account will become an inactive account after a few days. After 120 days, the account will be completely deleted. Now everyone has a Facebook account, so it is not wrong to accept it. But those who like privacy know that they have found another application inside it. It is going to know that WhatsApp is not going to change their decision anyway. They will officially bring this decision into effect by May 15th. Before that it is known that the account of those who do not accept it will be inactive.

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