Insta’s Short Video Feature Trends Out After Tiktok Ban !!

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for people on social media. Instagram is part of the Facebook company. Instagram is an application that is different and innovative from other social media arenas. Instagram is an application that has many different and great features. This app features photo and video in a way that is easy to use for people who do not know how much. This is a favorite application of the new generation. Instagram is a new feature for people who use Instagram in India. This new feature is a short video feature. Short video can be used on Instagram just like Tiktok with this new system.

Vishal Shah, Facebook’s VP of product, said that this feature allows users to create short videos and add great filters and music to them. Instagram reels are a tick-like activity. It is a system that can create a 15 second long video using popular songs and trends. Shaw explains that 45 percent of Instagram videos are 15 seconds or less because of this new feature. Instagram is a system that allows Instagram users to share these reels on Explore as well as on feeds and followers. Apart from India, Instagram has tested the system in Brazil, Germany and France.


India is the fourth country to test this system on Instagram. The best song collection is included for Instagram reels. Vishal Shah, Vice President, Facebook Product, described the reels as the ‘future of entertainment’. He had said that Reels would be able to showcase the talents of the youth of India and make them stars using Instagram Reels. All you need to do is open the Instagram camera and find the reels to create a 15 second video. The video uses audio from the Instagram Music Library, just like Tick Tock. Reels also include speed, effects and timer options.

After recording a reel, there is a system to tag friends who want to share that reel. The performance of these reels is different from the usual Instagram stories. These reels can be shared in the Explore section so that everyone can see them. The effects on the Instagram reel are called AR effects. You can also select the ‘Release Camera’ option to add AR effects. After that we can choose the effects we like. Reels can be edited, removed and re-recorded if required.

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