Instagram Provides A New Feature In Comment Section !!

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for people on social media. Instagram is part of the Facebook company. Instagram is an application that is different and innovative from other social media arenas. Instagram is an application that has many different and great features. This app features photo and video in a way that is easy to use for people who do not know how much. This is a favorite application of the new generation. Instagram has a feature where comments can be pinned. Many people do not know that feature. There is such a system on YouTube

Instagram has become a new system for pinning comments. This feature has been made available to Instagram users worldwide. Just like on YouTube, we can pin the comments we like or the comments others want to see at the top of the comment list. That way this comment will be seen by others. It also has the facility to unpin it. Twitter has a similar ability to pin comments.

It is reported that Instagram will launch the new feature on July 7th. To get this feature, Instagram needs to update the Instagram app on their phone from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. People using Android and iOS can avail this facility. The purpose of this feature is to help you find the best comments on Instagram. To use the pinned comment feature, Instagram users need to swipe from right to left of the comment they want to pin. and then

A new push icon will appear on the list. When you click on that icon, the comment is pinned up. Instagram’s new feature also allows you to delete comments together. Instagram now has a new feature that allows users to delete up to 25 comments at once. Instagram has now launched a new short video system called Reels in India. This is a feature similar to Tiktok. It is sure to gain popularity on a large scale. This system has a lot of features. With that feature you can record, edit and post 15 second videos. It is rumored in the future that users may be able to send short-lived messages on Instagram, such as Snapchat.


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