Featuring The Incredible Low Cost Phone Moto E7 Power !!

Moto e7 Power is now available at a reasonable price. The Moto e7 Power phone is priced at Rs 8299. The phone features a 5000 MAH battery. It offers 10 W fast charging. This phone is available in two colors. This phone comes with a back cover. 10 W USB tight free cable is available. This phone has a nice cute design. Moto e7 Power is a good quality phone. The back has two cameras and an LED light system. The back has a fingerprint system. This phone has a speaker out system. The phone also has a power button and a Google button. It comes with a hybrid slot.
It is a system that can only use one SIM and one memory card at a time.

This phone is completely Android. That’s what makes it special. So the lag does not come. The back cover is made of plastic. The cover is made of quality plastic. It weighs 200 grams. The thickness of this phone is 20mm. LCD display is provided in this phone. 60 Heads refreshment rate. It has 265 P. P. Moto e7 Power is running on Android 10. Fewer installed apps. It should be noted that this is a great software. Android Ion has been getting the update for two years. It has a fingerprint system on the back. The fingerprint unlock system is medium fast. No face lock system is used except for fingerprint. This phone has water resistance. This phone is 4G.

This phone is dual 4G. This phone can use 2 4G SIM simultaneously. The phone offers medium quality. When it comes to video quality, it’s medium quality. Similarly, the mono speaker is of medium quality. MediaTek Helio G 25 is the performance of this phone. It offers 4 GB ram and 64GB storage. No big game could be installed on it. Small light weight games can be used on this phone. This phone offers a good performance at this price. As for the camera, the prime camera is 13 megapixels. Secondary camera 2 megapixel. LED flash is also used. The selfie camera comes with a 5 megapixel. It has a 5000 MH battery. That is something to be taken seriously. But 10 W charging is provided. So it will take time to charge.


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