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Looking back for about 10 years the people in our country have been using government transportation. For traveling across the cities. For several purposes, mainly people travel from their home to their work in our country. Some travel across the country to explore the wonders of traveling. Some people travel to visit their families or their relatives residing in our country. Anyway for traveling purposes, people mainly use government transportation 10 years back. But now the majority of the people have owned Vehicles, which include four-wheelers, two-wheelers, and even three-wheelers. Apart from the proportion of the vehicles owned by the people in our country.

Two-wheelers are the most used vehicle in our country for traveling purposes. Here, what we are going to introduce you is an extraordinary application, which provides the details regarding the vehicle that is being registered in India. As there are many states in our country, and in each and every state the registration number is based on the district levels. And the code for the registration state will be marked as with the short form of the state in our country. A new application named RTO Vehicle Information is an application, which provides the details of vehicles registered in our country.

RTO vehicle information is an Android application, which is provided by Car info and is developed by Cuvora. This amazing Android application has been downloaded by more than 10,000 users from the Android market and has installed the application into their smartphones. As the Android application was updated on June 22nd, 2021 the application possesses the latest features available in it. The app is built with 12 Mb size and requires Android version 5.0 and above and is rated with 3+. RTO Vehicle Information is an Android app that is shortly named Car Info which is available in the Android market.

Basically car info is an application, which provides every detail regarding the vehicle you use or the vehicle registered in our country. Like the developers said CarInfo is a one-stop information app where they provide solutions for most of your automobile-related needs. Nowadays this Android application has been trending among all other similar applications in the Android Market. However, let’s discuss the features implemented in the app. RTO Vehicle Information or CarInfo app provides RTO registration details which include vehicle owner details of the vehicle registered in Kerala. While traveling, most of the drivers face a severe problem from gaining a ticket for speeding.

If you are on a long drive, you couldn’t understand that if you have been charged with a ticket for speeding. Though this application provides a feature to check any payments regarding the vehicle, like, checking the talents of speeding tickets, the insurance of the vehicle of your vehicle. And you could even check your pollution certificate expiry which is available in more than 25 states of India. The application does also provides petrol and diesel, prices across 400 cities, which is implemented in it. If you are a new buyer for a vehicle., you could even know the complete specifications and features of more than 1000 Cars and bike brands.

If you are looking for a used car to buy, you could even know it through this app by checking the sell or buy option. If you are the owner of your vehicle, you could calculate the value of your bike or car you use by calculating the insurance amount and the purchase year and the model of the car. There might be a situation for thinking that how relevant is this Android application now? Let’s make it with a brief description. You could find the complete RTO vehicle information of any vehicles which is parked on any wrong side or any vehicles or which are being damaged in an accident or any theft vehicles just by entering the vehicle registration number provided on the bike and car.

While searching the details, you will be informed of the owner name of the vehicle, and the vehicle type. The making ear or manufacturing ear model of the vehicle. The insurance date. And the fitness certificate or pollution certificate, CarInfo Android application also helps the vehicle owner to find any challenges or speeding tickets for their vehicle, which is available across, more than 400 cities, like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata, etc. The application does also provides and a feature that is named as resale value calculator for a used vehicle. By using this feature, you could easily find the fair value of your used car or bike.

If you are looking for a used car in this application and you need to know the value by using the resale value calculator, you can get an instant online estimate. By using this feature and you could even schedule a free home inspection from the providers enabled in the app. Apart from all of this, our drivers and owners mainly check the fuel prices, to fill the gas in their vehicle. For traveling, there might be price fluctuations. According to the cities in our country. As you can get the daily price of petrol, Autogas, or diesel, or LPG, and CNG from almost more than 420 cities of India.

If the fuel price is higher than any other city from the city you are in, you could even put an alert in the application and observe more others like the cheapest fuel prices and save your money. Apart from the vehicle information features in this application. The highlighted part of the Android application is that this app is provided with bike and car specifications, which helps the people who are Going to buy a new way, a new vehicle for their own. If you want to buy or sell any used cars, the application is more than enough for any uses residing in this country.

One of the most interesting parts of this Android application is that the app provides all details of the driving license of the vehicle owner, along with the vehicle registration number you search in this application. If you are using a vehicle, which is expired. From the insurance coverage, you could know the insurance details of your vehicle and buy any new insurance at the cheapest price in India which is implemented in this application. Mainly, if your insurance has expired and the date has been closed you may have to pay fines while taking any new insurance. The insurance feature is powered by ACKO.

The app is provided with RTO exam questions, which is helpful for the candidates who are appearing for RTO government exams. You could even update your mobile on RTO records. You could also check the purchase history of any vehicle in this app. Also, you can buy fast, check, and emergency services. And also you could even check the loan availability or hypothecation on a vehicle. If the government has blacklisted any vehicle registered in this country, you could also view the blacklisted vehicle info in this CarInfo Android app.


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