Best 3 Video Editor Android Application

Being a professional in any sector is one of the best of an individual who possesses any skills on their own. However, in this 21st century, people in our country mostly use smartphones for every matter in their daily life. And so there are many android applications available in the android market to make fulfill the right intention of using smartphones for their daily life activities. Nowadays, smartphone users do mainly search android apps from the android market related to editing software. Here we are going to introduce you to an amazing android application that makes any user a professional video maker by using their free video editor features.

Video Guru is an Android application that makes any smartphone user a professional video maker by using their free video editing features. Regarding the analytical records of the Android application, Video Guru has covered more than fifty thousand installations of the app into their smartphones. This Android application is offered by Inshot company in which they have built the app in 52 MB size. The application requires Android version 5.0 and above and is rated with 3 and above for content rating. Though the application has been updated recently on May 27th, 2021, this application provides the latest features available in the Android market.

Describing this amazing Android application. Video guru is a fully featured video editing, and maker app for YouTube videos. We have seen many Android applications in the Android market which provide video editing softwares and other features. But there might be fake apps which provide only ads in it and less amount of features. What makes this video Guru Android app better than any other similar Android application is that you can export the video you create without watermark easily and you can share it in to your YouTube channel, instantly or any other social media like Facebook Instagram, Tik-Tok.

Basically, Video Guru lets its users create and edit any video by using the features video trimming merging cutting, the video making the video fast and slow motion. You can even edit the video using photos with music in the background or you could edit the video with the transition effects available in the Android application. There are filters in the application where you can add it into the YouTube video, you create in this application or cropping the video without losing the quality of the video. The developers of the Android application claims that this application is highlighted among all other similar Android application in which it mainly highlights as all-in-one video editor.

Let’s discuss about the features that are implemented in the video Guru Android app. The application is enabled with multi-layer editing feature where you can add music or voice knots, you create or with any sound effects in the application or in your smartphone, you could even use glitch effects and stickers or text into your video to make the video more better than before. The app developers claims that video Guru is the best video trimmer application or the best video cutting application where you can cut or trim the video or split the video into multi clips perfectly and easily. The application is made with several features where any user can use this application with out any hesitation.

The application provides a professional feature from any other app as the developers has included in app purchases, which scales from 190 Rupees to 1100 Rupees on an item. By purchasing the in-app items. Enabled in the video, Guru Android app, you could be the premium user, and you can also access more other features than from any other user, the application is enabled with more than 30 transition effects where you can convert your video into an amazing video. And you could upload the video into the YouTube channel another feature implemented in this application is that you can extract the video or audio, or the music from any videos, you upload into the app or you could add watermarks to the track. And you could add marks to the track according to the rhythm of the music, you can combine or edit your videos with using with various filters enabled in the application.





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