How to Prepare Adharam (Land Deed) Yourself.

Aadharam or Sale Deed is a legal document written by an authorized licensee in a stamp paper as per the value of land and registered in the registrar’s office about the transaction made to a property. It can be a will or a transaction. It includes the area, boundaries, and sketches of a particular piece of land.

As per Kerala rules, the purchase or sale of the property is legally complete only when it is executed by the seller and registered in the respective Sub Registrar Office, after both the parties are satisfied with the sale consideration as per rules in existence and the terms and conditions as said in the deed.

Aadharam is the most important document about a place. Therefore, if they are lost or not stored properly, they often face major problems. Many of us do not know what to do if the aadharam is lost. However, a certified copy of the affidavit and sub-affidavit will be available at the Sub-Registrar’s Office.

A duplicate copy of Aadharam can now be downloaded online at The application should be submitted through the website. On the page that appears when you open the site, select the Online Application option. Then select the Certified Copy in the Certificate option at the top of the resulting page. Select the submit application for cc option.

Anyone who needs a copy can apply, but it is not possible to apply for a book three-category basis. This requires a death certificate. Then the buyer of the aadhaaram should give all the details like who signed the aadhaaram and so on.

Also, stamp paper purchased in the name of the applicant is required. Rs 50 stamp paper is used for this. Documents required when going to the Registrar’s Office include copy fee, stamp paper and legal size white paper. The receipt will be given on payment of the copy fee Sometimes you will get the certified copy on the same day or in two or three days.



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