A New Project By Government To Provide Free Internet !!

The government is preparing to provide free internet to all the poor. The name of this project is KFON.
Its full name is Kerala Fiber Optical Network. This is a network. This is not a phone, many people have a misconception that this is a phone. But it is a network through which the government intends to connect the network to places including rural areas. For example, the government builds roads for vehicles. But not carriages. The network of the Government of Kerala will pass through the post going to KSEB.

The network usually comes only in the town, because such companies incur huge losses when they bring the network to the villages, which is why the network is not available in the rural villages. But a network called Fiber reaches everywhere. This will provide high speed net. This is also helpful for network companies. This is helpful for all small network companies. It also provides a way to prevent a particular company from becoming a monopoly. It’s like a normal cable connection at home. This network is free for those who are B.P.L on ration card.

That is, companies provide the network for free if they are BPL ration card holders. But the government also pays the company. The aim of the government is to make government offices, panchayats and all places online. The government is trying to elevate India to the level of a developed country. This is just a sign that India is growing. It is a system that allows people to get service without a lot of hassle. The government is bringing this system forward by borrowing crores. So the benefit to the government is the same rent that big network companies pay to the government.


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