Protect Your Eyes From Screen Brightness With Night Mode

Smartphones are now a days an important gadget in our life as it is being transformed into a necessary device. As per reports, we could find that most of the smartphone users are youngsters in this whole world. There are reports analyzing the performance and usage of these smartphone among them. Most of the smartphone users are engaged in using social media websites and in chatting with their friends or relatives. But the main factor they do find as difficulty is the brightness of the smartphone for using at night. Even do we decrease the brightness of the smartphone to its low level, there shoes much brightness which might cause damage to our eyes severely.

Eyes Protector (Night Mode) is a new android application which provides us the best brightness that protects us from eye damages severely. Users those who read books online or offline by downloading them can use this application at night as it enables us to read the book in dim light. This app do not irritate our eyes from the smartphone brightness. Overall users download this application to make their screen brightness more darker at night for safe use for our eyes. You could download this application from the play store.

Introducing this application, we could find a new feature that is scheduling the time for enabling and disabling the application which makes sense in using the app wen needed. The developer has enclosed a full version of this application which provides three types of modes that it provides us to use it in different conditions like night mode, reading Mode and custom mode. You don’t need to be panic as the colors used in this app is preferred by specialized eye doctors as it means that we could change the color or screen brightness according to our wish.