Enjoy Now Using Smartphones In Your Regional Language

The world is now differentiated with diversity on the basis of technology with it’s most relevant and powerful tricks. The whole population have gained a great achievement in connecting people all around the world through a single touch. We all have known that English is an international language which is used for all purposes for communicating with the people. But there shows some difficulty among most of the people those who live in rural areas to get connected with this language. Based on smartphones, sending and receiving messages in their own regional language makes users easier and comfortable in using it wisely.

As introducing the new android application, it is the Google Indic keyboard which enables us to send and receive messages or update our social networks or compose emails in our own regional language. Downloading such kinds of application makes some sensible attachment towards developers as they makes the life of users more simple and easier to handle. For the new android application, you could download it from the play store and you could select your language or you could select the languages you want in your android smartphone. According to the developer Google Inc., they have executed the application with almost all languages spoken all around the India.

Featuring this application, we could find the best features implemented in this new app as it is designed with a number of 12 main languages from India and they have added a feature enabling transliteration which provides us to type our regional language through English Alphabets. Also there is a feature that enables to write in a space provided and detects the best words we have sensed to use in it. Enabling this application in a smartphone is by downloading the application and then go to the settings. Make an option Google Indic keyboard in the language input settings. You could make the Google Indic keyboard default in your settings. Download it and enjoy everything in your regional language.