Latest IM application Telegram Android

telegramDownload the application free messaging program telegram like whatsapp and is one of the most downloaded applications
Download the latest version of the application is telegram alternative to whatsapp to get rid of the ban on whatsapp some numbers and telegram easy-to-use and smooth, and when you download telegram you messaging the same way you use the whatsapp but with a lot of features that you will love.

You can send pictures and videos to the contacts in your device (use telegram). You can create groups chat with number of members up to 200 people. telegram fast, free, secure, and beautiful.

The application was first released on October 20, 2013 with the iPhone version was released in September of the same year and there are currently versions for Mac and Windows, developed by different programmers using free software interface.

Application of the conversational telegram open source download. to give developers the opportunity to create many amazing options it is based on the new technology of cloud in the data cloud.
Download Telegram Messenger application from play store— application of conversational telgram-direct link-