Transfer electricity through NFC

Though NFC has many uses , transfer of electricity using NFC is a new wonder in the tech world. As we all know the NFC (Near Field Communication) is being used for many of the transferring such as the data , movies and audios in a easy and stylish was, such as the swipe and share and so on. The charge transfers by this method cannot be used for all the purpose in the existing hardware. It requires special hardware currently. But we can hope for future developments in this field, so that we might be able to use any devices by transferring charge to it. Currently a display called the e-ink (electronic ink) display is the only device that can work in the so transferred charge via NFC from another mobile. The researchers and student from the Intel lab, the Washington University and the MIT are behind this finding.
They have used an e-ink display tag that a NFC uses, and an e-ink panel that uses low charge is being used in this experiment. The information and the charge can be sent from an android mobile to this display without connecting these through a wire. The display will have a wireless hardware chip and a 1mAh battery.
Nothing more. Its 2.7 inch display will only need this much charge to work perfectly. Though this invention seems to be useless its worth a second display for a smart phone, which would require a lot more charge. This can be used for navigation and such similar uses which doesn’t require much clarity or details. Also it can store up to 20 pictures in its 0.5 mb memory. The researchers plan to launch the open software and hardware for this equipment.
Today only the high end phones are equipped with NFC. This has made more than 80% of the money transaction to be done in the paper and currency, as in the conventional manner. Also in India the credit cards facility is available only in few shops and in order to expand this using NFC, a software called the iKaaz is coming soon. iKaaz is aimed at providing NFC feature in almost every mobile phones in India , said its CEO Soma Sundaram, in their office at Bangalore.
The iKaaz is aiming to bring two systems. One is a NFC tag, which will enable any mobile to be a NFC equipped one using this tag. Its price is about 100 rupees only. This tag is linked with your number and then held near the battery of your device.It will make it affordable and useful to everybody. It can work even in the ordinary phones. Second one is a reader that can be connected to the phones having NFC, which is aimed at the shop owners. In short every shop will be having a credit card facility in near future in a small expense. These tags can accept digital valets and also different bank accounts. Each shop will be given a reader worth rupees 2000, which will be linked with the phone number of the owner.
For money transaction you will only have to touch your NFC enabled phone to this reader. You will receive a sms informing about the money deduction. This new mechanism is in its experimental stage. We can hope that soon it will be implemented in our locality also….

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