Samsung was the first to introduce a mobile device which could be called as a phone or a tablet, by introducing its 5.3 inch 178 gram Galaxy note. Though it was targeted to tablet users, most of the users attracted to it was smart phone users. As a result of it, 10 Million notes were sold within one year. Most of them called this hybrid gadget as ‘Fablet’. The main interesting factor about fablet is that it can serve both the uses of a tablet and as a phone. Simply a big phone!!

Though note was a success other companies didn’t follow it’s path. Many of them were not sure of the response of the market towards the new segment until it was a great success. LG, which was from the birthplace of Samsung, South Korea,  was the first one to follow the Samsung Note, by introducing the LG Optimus Vu, which was introduced in the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona in  February 2012.

Though Optimus vu wasn’t great success, it was accepted by the market. Optmus Vu didn’t got that much share in the market as that of the Samsung galaxy note.Later other companies began to follow the fablet path. Sony xperia Z Ultra, HTC butterfly s, Lenovo P780 etc were the later entries in the fablet segment. Meanwhile Samsung has introduced it’s new version of the first fablet ,the galaxy Note 2. Now the world is awaiting for the galaxy Note 3 to be released. The note 3 is expected to be launched by October, with its 5.7 inch big screen and Octa–core processor. LG is also planning to launch its new fablet following note 3’s path. It’s clear that there will be a good competition in this segment in the near future.

LG’s new fablet is named as Optimus  Vu 3. Though Vu 3 doesn’t have the screen size of Note3, it comes with a 5.2 inch IPS display with a resolution of 960 x 1280.

It is powered by 2.2 Ghz quad core snapdragon processor. It also has 480 MHz Adrino 330 GPU, 2GB ram, 16 GB inbuilt memory which are the other major hardware specifications. LG has not yet confirmed whether a memory card can be inserted or not.

It has a 13 mp primary camera and 2.1 mp front camera. LG has used high quality speakers to provide good sound quality in its optimus Vu 3. It comes with android jelly bean os version 4.2.2. The fablet is equipped with many options for connectivity. The connectivity options provided are wi-fi, Bluetooth, N.F.C, AGPS, micro USB .

The optimus Vu 3 comes in 3 fabulous colours Indigo black, mint and white. The device weighs about 161 grams. It is expected to be realesed by first week of Octobar as per the LG company announcement. It’s price is not yet announced. It is expected that LG will tag only a reasonable price for its new Optimus Vu 3 to ensure it’s share in the fablet market.

PICTURE COURTESY : theverge.com

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