You know, how many road accidents were takes place in the world per year. According to the report of “World Health Organization”, we lost 1.24 million lives per year due to the road accidents.

If you are thinking that careless driving is the only reason for accidents, then it’s a ‘No’ because some of the accidents are happening due to the pedestrian’s misfortune.

Suppose in a curve, careless crossing of a pedestrian with the usage of mobile is enough for a hazard. Many such things lead to accidents. In such situations even a pilot driver may lose his control. For these matters, now imagine if your steering wheel identifies the hazard in front of you and self controlled the situation. The imagination is wild but the vehicle designers in Germany implying the technology to be practical.

The new technology builds on safety features already offered by Ford. Ford has developed Obstacle Avoidance Systems part of a Ford-led and European-funded research project called “interactive” (Accident Avoidance by Active Intervention of Intelligent Vehicles). The consortium is developing by the top end vehicle manufacturers FORD and other companies also.

The system scans up to 200m (650ft) ahead by using three radars, a number of ultrasonic sensors and a camera, which are all installed in the vehicle.

An additional built-in display shows a warning sign and sounds a chime. Then, if necessary, it applies the brakes, scans for a gap in the road ahead, and steers to avoid a crash.

“You’re driving down the road and a pedestrian or something comes out from either side of your vehicle from your peripheral vision where you don’t have a good look at it. Obstacle Avoidance System can sense that the pedestrian or that object is coming across the front of your vehicle. If it doesn’t sense you responding accordingly in your vehicle by braking or manoeuvring. Last year it introduced Lane Keeping Alert, a feature that vibrates the wheel – but does not take control – if it detects the driver is drifting out of a lane. But it works only if the vehicle is travelling less than 30km/h.

But, the company said the new technique was being tested at speeds of over 60 km/h. Other manufacturers involved in the project at Aachen include BMW, Fiat, Daimler, Volvo and Volkswagen. Volvo which is owned by China’s Geely  has already introduced its own pedestrian cyclist alert system.

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